The Commercial Company of the Israel Bar Association Ltd. is a company wholly owned by the Israel Bar Association. The company has been operating for decades and includes various departments, whose purpose is to meet all the needs of legal professionals. The company has about 20 employees in its various departments and most of them are lawyers in their profession.

In the early days, the main focus was writing and publishing new, high-quality books in the field of law, and these immediately became bestsellers. Over time, as the needs of lawyers and jurists have evolved, we have developed professional courses and training in a variety of enriching and innovative areas in the world of law and legal practice. In recent years the company is in the process of an innovation "revolution", which has led to the launch every year of new products and services that are at the forefront of technology and are constantly updated to match the constant innovation in our world. The purpose of the various products is to streamline the day-to-day work of lawyers.

The company in its current form is an integral part of the Israel Bar Association in certain areas and serves as a planning and executive arm in meeting changing needs. The company as an integral part of the Israel Bar Association embodies the values of excellence, quality and professionalism. These values guide us in our path and our actions to develop legal information and make it accessible, as well as the provision of unique ancillary services to the legal community at the highest standard and without compromise.
The flagship products offered by the Israel Bar Association's economic company include: "Smart Card" – a direct connection to the legal network system; "Pador" - legal search engine; "Aski" - legal form generator; "Practicum" - training courses for lawyers; a publishing department that includes professional books written by senior lawyers and judges in the various fields of law; and preparation courses for the Bar exams.


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